Candy Crush Saga Level 149

Candy Crush Level 149Target
Collect all the orders (1 wrapped candy/wrapped candy mix, 10 striped candies, 99 blue) and reach 30,000 points in 35 moves.

1 star: 30000 points
2 stars: 90000 points
3 stars: 120000 points

Okay, you face an immediate threat with the chocolate as if you can’t remove it from the top, it will block off all candy from dropping down and you will run out of pieces unless you can match up some striped candies to shoot through the chocolate. An ideal situation is a color bomb and striped candy mix to clear out a lot of the 2 hit blocks and the chocolate.

Here is a walkthrough video for Candy Crush Level 149

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 149

If possible, make matches along the blocks to weaken them or make matches to enlarge the opening if you can. If the chocolate closes off the top, make anything that will go vertically to reopen it—vertically striped candy matches, a striped/wrapped combo, 2 striped candies…whatever you can. Do not focus on breaking all the chocolate however; create a color bomb /striped candy combo to satisfy one of the orders and that should remove the chocolate. Then keep clearing the board to collect the blues.

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43 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 149”
  1. Karen Worley

    The problem I am having is breaking all the choc with enough moves to complete the board. I have watched video too. Help me.

  2. Eddie Chu

    Almost Beat lvl 149!!! but I only had one blue candy missing! arghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! so close! I thought I was gonna pass this level for sure! :-(


      We hate it when that happens too Eddie. At least you know that whatever you were doing, you were doing it right! Its just a matter of when and how you will get rid of that last candy in time :D

  3. Terri

    It took me several plays before I finally got two wrapped candies together on level 149 and it didn’t count it on the side bar. I had 76,000+ points, all the blues and stripes so I should have passed. I’ve noticed this has happened to several people, what do I do at this point?


      Our best suggestion is to contact King themselves, as if this is a recurring problem then there must be some sort of glitch in the software. Follow this link to send King a message

  4. sherry

    I listened to your tips and passed it on the same day , I also abandoned any game that did not have a match in the very top, also I was very lucky , I was down to two moves left I needed a wrapped candy combo with another wrapped candy , the only good move I had was a choco ball , I moved it to a candy color I had the most of on the board do u know what happened? two wrapped candies landed right next to each other ,that was my last move (also got three stars)


      Some times there are so many combinations that take place at the same moment that you can understand what exactly happens.. 3 stars?? wow!!!

    • annette

      dammit, this was a hard one too (BUT NOTHING LIKE 147!)…..I red again the tips on the board from everyone and finally passed. it was to “get rid of the chocolate” and to not get swayed by anything else. as with all cc levels, a little luck works and not losing your cool but I did not purchase anything and got thru, there is hope!


        Luck always plays a factor in a Candy Crush game, but well done for completing an thank you for sharing :)

      • Jim

        I passed 147 on 3 tries, but stuck on 149 for over a week.


          Some levels are harder then others Jim, but hopefully our tips will help! Have you utilized all the tips available here by other crushers?

    • Steven Johnson

      Same here because it’s a struggle for me that I’m stuck on right now vut I’ll try my best to beat it.

  5. tisha

    I have been stuck forever. I don’t care what anyone says it is all luck. There is no strategy.


      It’s a universal truth that a CCS player needs to be lucky! But even if you are lucky you won’t beat a hard level without a decent strategy

  6. Darla

    These are the boosters with the check mark.

  7. Darla

    What are the boosters on level 149 used for? I don’t think they
    will be of any use, but just asking. I have quite this level midway,
    because there are no moves. Really stupid!!

  8. Juliet23

    …got everything except the 2nd wrapped candy. So near and yet so far!! :(


      this means you are in the right track! Keep trying!!

  9. Juliet23

    I’m, like many others, according to all the above frustrated comments, am having great trouble with this level (149). Even when I’ve eliminated the chocolate on top, I still can’t satisfy all the other necessities right to win the level!
    The tips & runthrough vid help, but I’m still a bit at sea!!


      I feel you are pretty close, you should keep trying and you will do it! Don’t give up!!

  10. Roger

    You must get rid of the chocolate firsteven if you get a chsnce to swap. 2 wrapped candys at the start.

    – while playing. 2 ble wrapped candies appeared next to each other – only took 25 tries a at this level – lucky me
    -important tip is to get rid of chocolate – this is the only way to win !!! read this twice!!


      thanks for the tips dear!

  11. Nyree

    Patience, candy combos and timing. That may be oversimplifying this level, but if you keep close to the top until the evil chocolate is gone then concentrate in getting combos to do the work for you, you will get through this level and on to the next evil level in no time.


      good tip indeed :)

    • Darla

      If there is nothing to work with, you’re done!

  12. Lainie

    I finally beat this level! Here’s how I did it.
    I kept playing and replaying until one time I was finally lucky enough to get two wrapped candies next to each other, and I swapped them.
    Then I used the “teeth” helper to get rid of most of the chocolate. I eliminated the rest of the chocolate and then set out to get rid of 10 lined candies. When I was done with those, I started on the blue candies order. When I was down to one move left, I had 11 blue candies I still needed to get rid of. I used the lollipop hammer to eliminate them. (I didn’t just hit blues with the lollipop, sometimes I hit a different colored candy between a row of blues to eliminate several at once.)
    That’s it: you need a combination of luck to get two wrapped candies together, and then you have to be willing to buy the special helper boosters to do the rest.


      Good to read you beat it..though the boosters are not necessary!

  13. Doug

    This level really depends on luck. Came close a few times but had blue left both times. Finally cleared it by concentrating on the top to make sure there was a breath hole open. I always read this website first before opening the new round. I’ve cleared a lot of harder levels on thevfirst try by doing that. I wonder if the first round is easier than later rounds. Either way, thanks to all the sute contributors!!!

    • Doug

      Just cleared the next level on the first try. Has to be something with the first attempt.


        Great news Doug! Keep walking!


      you are welcome Doug!

  14. Bailey

    You can’t just create two wrapped candies. You must switch them with one another. The game isn’t cheating you, you’re misunderstanding the point.

  15. Rachel

    I keep getting an error message from apple saying I can’t purchase lives or boosters. Does this happen to anyone else? Very frustrating.

  16. Jan

    I think something is wrong with my computer. I’ve gotten 2 wrapped candies separately and 2 wrapped side by side and just got a blue striped and a speckled one and that didn’t even do it. I’m concentrating on only that one just to see if it will work and it never does. What more can I do? I can get the 99 blues and 10 striped but not the wrapped.

    • Jan

      I’M DONE….I’ve gotten the two wrapped candies several times and it never would check it off. Finally I took pictures of it happening and it didn’t get checked off so now I have proof. I didn’t beat the level because I didn’t get all the blue ones but if I had I wouldn’t have won anyway because the wrapped candies didn’t get checked off. I don’t know if it’s because of my iPad or what but I can’t keep playing when it’s impossible to win.

      • Jan

        This is level 149 I’m talking about.

      • Ladycrim

        Did you swap the two wrapped candies with each other? Hard to tell from your description.

  17. KBWebster

    This level stinks. I use all my moves trying to keep the chocolate at bay so that I have no moves for anything else. And don’t say “watch the video.” I watched it. You got lucky and I’m glad for you. I just don’t think I have the patience to keep trying until I get that lucky. I am frustrated beyond belief… :/

    • Team

      There is a strategy apart from the video, did you try to take advantage of it?

  18. Jayno

    It says to use 1 wrapped candy/1 wrapped candy mix. What does this mean?

    • Team

      It means that you need to get 1 wrapped candy and a combo of wrapped candy with something else

  19. Lei

    This level has just so many requests it can overwhelming but beatable.
    1. Deastroy the blovks in top (work on top first).
    2. Destroy the chocolates by lining at least 3 candies.
    3. Form a freckled candy and swap it with a stripped candy or better yet a stripped blue candy.
    4. Form 2 wrappedcandies and swap. These 2 candies should be placed beside each other. This is the most difficult part out of the 3 requests.
    5. Eliminate all blue candies. Do not waste time eliminating other colors and loosing your moves.

    • candy

      thanks for providing all these tips :) highly appreciated

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