Candy Crush Level 231Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 100,000 points in 30 moves.

1 star: 100000 points
2 stars: 200000 points
3 stars: 240000 points

You are loaded up with double jelly and mystery eggs here. You never know what you will get out of them, from chocolate, to a block to a color bomb, but you have to be prepared when you use them. Try to make the matches you can up top and squeeze off some striped candies and then plod your way through the bottom. If you seem to be having trouble finishing start with the bottom and see what turns up with the eggs. The hardest pieces are the top right and top left. If you can’t make much in the way of striped candies, after you clear your top row and side row matches, see what you can come up with at the bottom.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 231

Start on the lower half—match a few mystery candies together and watch the fun…and hope you don’t release chocolate. You should be able to get enough special candies below to help clear the jellies.