Candy Crush Saga Level 245

Candy Crush Level 245Target
Collect all the orders (5 striped/wrapped mix candies) and reach 60,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 60000 points
2 stars: 140000 points
3 stars: 180000 points

First things first, take care of the bomb and work on creating wrapped candies. The striped ones are a bit easier to create, but let the powerups drop to the bottom. Keep an eye on the 12 moves bombs as they drop in from time to time, but do help your score a bit. It’s not a lot of moves to make a lot of maneuvering, so try to use your moves wisely. Remember, the wrapped candies are harder to make, and every time you make a match, it will zip through 3 rows and columns at once.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 245

This level is pretty straightforward. Take a chance on the mystery candies and keep an eye on the bombs.

Candy Crush Saga Level 245 3.50/5 (70.00%) 4 votes
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91 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 245”
  1. rod

    this is the most boring level i like the game except this level i use to play every day not that im at 245 i dont play that mush just to boring


      Some levels you just need the patience to get through it and then you can say bye and stick it in your rear view mirror :) Good Luck!

  2. Tasha1

    Finally beat 245, and only by following tips from here (I have read the tips for every level, but never thought I had anything to add until now). I switched from laptop to Ipad, I slowed down and would only start a game that had a possible wrap, I concentrated on doing one combo at a time, I did my best to ignore tempting moves that wouldn’t help with the combo on was on. And FINALLY at the end I used 3 Lollipop Hammers. I really hope there isn’t another level like that one again!!


      Congrats on finally defeating this levels and thanks for sharing! :)

  3. JoAnn Joe

    why cant i get a free move give me a free move and move me level 246 so i can continue playing candy crush i have been on thius level long enough


      You can do it! Crush on!

  4. Susan

    This is the level where I’m calling it quits. I know how to make both T and L wrapped candies but there is still too much luck involved. I’ve been on this level for a couple of months. I was excited to get a wrap+stripe booster only to find that they aren’t located near each other. As others have said, it’s very frustrating to have a wrapped candy ready to go and then a cascade wipes it out. This level is too difficult to be fun. There are other games out there to play.

  5. Marcel Felix

    I just passed this level. After about 25 – 30 tries. And surprisingly I still had 19 movements left.


      Congrats on finally beating it!

  6. sandra

    This level is so boring. It is hard to make wrap candies and then to get them beside each other. I love playing the levels that are fun and challenging, this is neither.

  7. VeronicaCaffrey

    ready to give up with this game. This level is unbelievable. Too hard for me.


      Have you tried playing this level on a different gaming device?

      • Darla

        Oh yes, that will help! lol

  8. Sandy

    Of I can’t get through level 245″ due to this level is a rio off, candy crush corp will be
    Losing a lot of money Due to people getting so frustrated , come on they can see what we
    Are all doing, yes I have had combos and the. All of the sudden it’s gone,

    They need to Wake up or they will be losing gamers for sure

  9. Jill Lord

    Like some others, I hadn’t known about making wrapped candies with the T formation – only the L. As you have said, how did I get this far without that? I knew that sometimes they appeared “magically” but hadn’t worked out why. As soon as a saw that I got it about 2 or 3 tries later – much easier. Many thanks again for your help!


      That’s great!

  10. MARY

    I enjoy a level with a challenge, but this one is ridiculous. Just when I get a move to create a
    Combo, it triggers a domino effect and everything is lost. I understand that sometimes it is a result of the move I make, but not this often…would like a fighting chance!

  11. Fred Van Tassel

    I Got The Fifth OneOn The Final Move And It Didn’t Register?????

  12. Margaret

    I have enjoyed the challenge of Candy Crush and the tips on this website have been extremely helpful. However, I do not enjoy this level at all. My husband fusses about me playing this too much and I’m about to agree with him. This level is extremely frustrating and is not fun. Thanks for a good ride, Candy Crush…………….good bye.

  13. Olibeneli

    Oh dear.
    The tutorial you tube video is a joke. With about 6 moves left it gets the last 3 combos….yeah right.
    I study every board before I start it and if I can’t make a wrapped candy within 3 moves I reload the board. If you have not got 3 combos by the time you get down to 20 ~ 15 moves there is no point carrying on. Having ha dthe experience of getting through prior difficult levels this one takes the biscuit.

    I will have to find some other game now as this level just kills all enjoyment.


      Sorry you feel that way, but did you read all the tips/discussion available for this level? Or maybe try switching devices for a better board :)


        Would try on laptop. None of king games will work. You guys told me to make sure I have updated adobe flash drive player and it still says it is not allowed (player)


          Then you may have a technical fault with your laptop as most Crushers can play any of their games on a laptop/computer, hope your problem can be resolved

          • tommy

            Damn this level! I am about to quit!

    • Darla

      That should tell you something!

  14. Dan

    Dear Candy Crush

    Level 245 is where we finally part company, I’m not normally a “gamer” but I’ve enjoyed this game immensely , even those levels that drove me to the edge of giving up I always felt there would be a way through and I enjoyed the challenge .

    Until now. Level 245 is very difficult indeed, but nothing wrong with that as long as the challenge is enjoyable, which is absolutely not the case at all. This is pure boredom, uninteresting , no nerve jangling challenge, it’s just dull…. I don’t even bother finishing the five lives it got so tedious.

    Reading other comments who agree and are stopping too, it’s very surprising King have kep this level in for so long, they must have a data bank that keeps tabs on when players lose interest and 245 must be at the head of the over 100 club.

    Goodbye, was fun while it lasted…. And you tips on this site have been great, very helpful throughout, but no good here

    • Darla

      I will try it once. If there are no moves to be made, I’m done.

  15. Mary K

    Finally beat this level! My advice is to follow some of the excellent advice above. Take your time. Look at the entire board before each move. Try to make wrapped candies and ignore making stripped until you need them. Sometimes a choco bomb can be useful, but don’t seek to make them… Concentrate on the wrapped candies! It will take a few tries. Dn’t get frustrated!

  16. Ina

    I have been on this level forever.i posted a few times above about how frustrating it is. Tips, video..nothing helps. I get down to needing one or two and run out of moves. I thought with the update they would do something but I’ve noticed nothing was done. I’ve stopped playing daily and once in awhile I try again. This will be the level that eventually cause me to say enough…I love the game but this level is unfair to all of us who have made it this far…not happy.

    • guido

      i’ve been on this level for almost a week and never even got close. Tonight i felt I finally had the correct strategy. I just started concentrating on making wrapped candies. I would take the time to look over the whole board before making a move to see if a wrapped candy was possible in the next move or two. Don’t make striped candies just for the sake of making them. They wind up taking out a wrapped that you worked so hard to get. Once you get a wrapped, try to get a striped close by and crush the two together. I actually got real close two or three times tonight before failing but that gave me the confidence that I needed and I just passed it. Definitely one of the hardest levels yet.


        Thanks for the helpful tip and well done!

    • Dan

      Agree 100%
      It’s such a poor level, if you don’t make a wrapped candy in the first 15 moves you may as well quit the game as you will never make then required five
      Totally unchallenging, totally boring
      King making a big mistake keeping this level in, I only play once every other day and often not even the five lives, lost all interest on what was an enjoyable obsession
      I read that level 65 is the biggest drop out level, and I remember it well, but it was fun to play and very challenging and there were several oh so close completions that I never wanted to quit the whole game, I wanted to beat that level !
      Feel nothing like that on 245….tedious

      • steve

        I totally agree. I’ve had a good time and looked forward to playing the game. Now it’s just drudgery. I have no desire to play. It’s not a bit fun to not have a chance until you finally get that one board. I don’t think that board is coming for me. I spend 20-30 minutes a game studying and it’s 99% of the time just gobbledegook. No chances for matches other than threes. Then I got a 5 bomb(5 times) instead of 12 drop. and several times I’ve been lucky enough to get a wrap and finally get a stripe to touch it only to have it explode when it touches it. There’s no strategy involved. When I switch candies, sometimes it cascades about 6 places. Just a junk piece of garbage. King has lost me. It was fun until now.

      • Darla

        I agree. I have been on past levels (don’t ask me which ones) where I am not really paying attention and then all of a sudden I have achieved candy crush. They control the game, in my opinion!! lol

      • Darla

        Tedious is an understatement!

  17. Ina

    Looks like i’m done with this level and game. Can’t get anywhere with it and I can’t stand to play it anymore. Even with the 3 extra moves..I can’t make them all. Not enjoyable at all and I’m sad that I have made it this far only to quit playing the game because of this level.

    • jan

      Agreed. I think I am done too. THis is nearly impossible.


        Don’t give up until you have tried our walkthrough video There’s a strategy there that could help you win this level :) Good Luck and keep us updated with your progress.

        • Brvfan

          This is a level which gives me no hope of completing. It’s just a game so it should be fun. NOT Level 245. Will come back to it at some other time


            Watch our walkthrough video when you decide to resume playing as it may give you the extra boost you need :) Good Luck!

        • Darla

          What strategy!!!

  18. G Daniel

    Well, I give! This level is not going to drain all of my battery life, nor is it going to take my joy out of playing fun games. This is no longer enjoyable or relaxing to play. Just when you think you have made a few combos. They get wiped out by combos thus you can’t win for losing. Good luck to all of you that are still at it.


      Check out our walkthrough videos and don’t forget to leave any tips you my discover along the way :) Good Luck!


        Don’t you think we have all tried your walkthroughs. If they help we wouldn’t be complaining. Goodbye


          We also have tips/discussion available here to help crushers have a better chance at beating levels they get stuck on. We are here to help each other out – we are only a support community after all. Sorry if our videos have not been of help to you and good luck.

  19. Ina

    This is a completely boring level. I could only get 3 combos at best. Wrapped are really hard to make. and when you get a couple you can’t make stripes because you have to worry about the ridiculous bombs. They need to change this level and make it more fun or Im stopping. Didn’t even play today until now because I have no interest in this level. And thats’s rare for me. I’ll give it a few days and I’m done. Its just not holding my interest. Always great tips on here but as Patricia says…this level speaks for itself. In other words theres no particular help for this level.

  20. Jeanne

    Well, I don’t know how I did it, but finally I passed this level with 5 moves to spare and I got 3 stars. No boosters. I couldn’t figure out how to get the wrapped and striped candies side by side, then one day it just happened. Just keep crushing and sooner or later you’ll get an easy board.


      Don’t forget to leave your tips in order to make other crushers’ life easier. Well done.

  21. Kim

    Don’t give up!! I, too, had been stuck on this level for about 2 weeks and thought it was the end of Candy Crush for me. However, after reading the tips, I took my time and really focused on getting the wrapped candies. Taking my time seemed to make the difference, because I finally passed the level! I don’t know about the comment regarding the first game of the day, but it was my first game this morning, so maybe it’s true. Good luck and thank you for the tips!!


      You’re welcome Kim ! Keep crushing :)

      • Danielle Hathorne

        Ya know, I just picked up my iPad for the first time all day and I did beat the level with moves to spare. Only 5 moves, but it counts. You really do have to take your time!!! You can have a good board, but if it isn’t utilized properly, you mess it up. I have a hard time getting wrapped candies, but I focused. I have a hard time when I get 5 in a row, I wanna make a choco-ball! So I reminded myself to focus and I got all 5! I have been coming close for a week, so I know it’s possible.


          Can’t agree more Danielle

  22. Adi

    Tq for your tips. It was a very tricky and hard tevel. Succeed after 10 attempts.


      Thanks for positive feedback Adi!! Keep crushing!

  23. Pam

    Once again the first game played of the day was the good board. Have to Take your time on the first board and think several moves ahead before you actually make the move. Won with 18 moves left. They fell into place but it took a lot of thought and strategy. Not an easy level at all!


      That’s great.. i’ve noticed the same, the first game played of the day offers a great board!

  24. Gen

    Just like everyone else is saying, this might be the level that gets me to quit.


      I suggest that you don’t give up, stay cool, focused and follow our tips!

  25. Kami

    So tired of this level. I have no problem making wrapped or stripes but getting them side by side is near impossible. Perseverance is the key here, apparently, but the frequent inevitable chain reactions make this level too much to enjoy. I’ve made 3 combos but usually it’s more like 0-2. I’m just treading water waiting for the perfect layout that never comes. What is the point of levels like this? I don’t need a pep rally just some understanding on what the developer was thinking? What’s the motivation for levels people hate??


      We receive many complaints regarding this level! Hopefully this level will be easier and less “random” after the next update (which will come soon)

      • pat

        did the update get distributed? i’ve been on this level for 2-3 weeks now and getting close to giving up


          yes it’s been 10 days since the last update was launched.. don’t know what to suggest.. hopefully the next update will bring an easier #245.. but if you feel tired, you should rest for a while, at least!

  26. Simon

    This is the kind of level where knowing how to beat it and getting lucky enough to get the candies to fall in the right place are 2 different things.

    Been stuck on this level for at least 2 weeks now but will keep persevering.


      Unlucky for 2 weeks??? This is tough! Luck will visit you pretty soon!

      • marsha

        You guys have a good thing going with this game. However, levels like this one present too much of a challenge to enjoy. Speaking for myself, and probably many others, I play this game to relax and chill after a long day. We all have enough frustration and challenge in our lives on a daily basis and while the game does need to be a little difficult to make it interesting, it fails to be entertaining when it becomes just another frustration. It becomes nerve wracking and boring at the same time. I have a hard time logging on to play the game when I’m dealing with levels such as this. What’s the point???? I understand those people who give up the game rather than deal with another frustration. Needs serious fixing here!


          Will agree with EVERYTHING you mention here marsha and your approach.. levels fixing is common with King after every update.. hopefully this one will be fixed after the next update (coming later this week)

          • Bobbie

            I feel the same about this level 245 . I have been at it for weeks I am going to try a few more times then I am finished epwith candy crush! It does stop being fun with a game like this one


            i’d rather wait for the next update.. give it some time and hopefully they will fix it!

  27. dave

    Finally passed this level…having 50 moves and 5 needed combos I suggest trying to get 1 combo every 10 moves…tough level but can be done with a little luck.


      Great news Dave.. keep trying!!

  28. Cherlyn Lim

    Your tips mentioned that wrapped candies is harder to create. All I did was when given the opportunity I create color bomb and take out 1 color therefore increase the chance to create wrapped candies. Within hours and I am done!
    Thanks for the tips!


      Good news, Cherlyn! Keep crushing!

  29. LoganM

    I am so frustrated with this level! I have been stuck on it for almost 3 weeks! I have gotten 4 combos a few times, but that’s about it. I spend too many moves diffusing bombs, and then the mystery candies almost always turn into striped, when I really need them to turn into wrapped! The other thing about this level that really makes me mad is that I’ll get close to getting a combo and then a move will set up a chain reaction that ends up destroying everything I had tried so hard to create and manipulate! Candy Crush Saga is starting to not be fun anymore…all because of this darn level…


      you need to keep trying.. thousands have passed this level, guess you will do it if you remain cool and keep trying

      • LoganM

        You’re right! I stuck to it, and I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY passed this level after being stuck on it for almost a month! I was just about ready to give up, too! Thank goodness I didn’t. IMO, this level is one of the ones (so far, anyway) that depends on the luck of our candies fall the most. Glad to have it behind me, that’s for sure!

        • LoganM

          *the luck of how the candies fall…


          good news indeed! Keep walking

    • Santosm

      I totally agree with LoganM. The exact thing is happening to me. I hardly ever get wraps. and when I do I can’t make stripes or a move sets up a chain reaction that destroys everything. It is so boring and frustrating that I don’t even feel like playing anymore. No longer fun.

  30. MystiDC

    This was a very tough one for me. I didn’t think I would ever pass it. The tip to make the wrapped candies and to take your time helped. I did start to get better at the wrapped one. On to the next epidode!


      great news! Good to see our tips are helpful :)

      • h_ammer

        Just like all the CC games, there is a certain amount of lock involved.
        Don’t get frustrated or waste your bucks on helpers.
        Just play and sooner or later the tiles fall just right & you win.
        It’s only a game.


          this is the right approach h_ammer :) Keep crushing

  31. Lei

    Tip: take time to make wrapped candies first. Do not rush moves. If you have wrapped candy, it is easy to form stripped candy beside it. Good luck!


      Thank you for the tip :)

  32. Micheline

    Candy crush level 245 I’m giving up . Too much is too much, after a month of trying, the frustration is too hight, too much bombs & when a wrapped candy touch a stripped candy , if we haven ‘t made. the move ourselve, it do not count, so that is by by Candy crush!!!

    • Team

      probably its better for you! good luck with future adventures :)

      • terese

        I quite too!! This is rediculous!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been trying for 3 weeks now and the closest I can get is 3 out of 5. When I do get almost set up for a match it gets whiped out by the oomputer and gets blown up. Bye Bye Candy Crush!!!! your a real PITA

        • Sherry Arnsby

          You are Right. This is tooooo much

    • Sherry Arnsby

      Yep, I know what you mean. This level is VERY, VERY hard. I’m about ready to gibe up. TOOOOO much frustration.


        Don’t give up Sherry! You can do it! Did you follow our tips? Or the visitors tips? Lei, Mysti, Pat and Matt have their own tips, please try all of them before you give up!!

        • Ina

          This is a completely boring level. I could only get 3 combos at best. Wrapped are really hard to make. and when you get a couple you can’t make stripes because you have to worry about the ridiculous bombs. They need to change this level and make it more fun or Im stopping. Didn’t even play today until now because I have no interest in this level. And thats’s rare for me. I’ll give it a few days and I’m done. Its just not holding my interest. Always great tips on here but as Patricia says…this level speaks for itself. In other words theres no particular help for this level.

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