Candy Crush Saga Level 29

Clear all the jelly and reach 100000 points in 40 moves to complete this level. Yellows are removed after the last update

1 star: 100000 points
2 stars: 150000 points
3 stars: 200000 points

Helpful walkthrough video in order to beat Candy Crush Level 29:

Tips For Candy Crush Saga Level 29

In Level 29 you should clear all 54 double jellies in order to beat the level. It’s even more difficult while 18 of 54 jellies are frosted so you need to remove the ice before clearing the jellies. And all these in just 60 moves.   18 of the jellies are covered by frosting that must first be removed before candies can occupy those spaces.  You get 60 moves to complete this level, but have to score 200,000 points as well! So here are a few tips that make Candy Crush Level 29 feasible!

  • 1st task : Clear the frosted Jellies – It is critical to remove the 18 frosted jellies (found at the bottom of the board) because this is the toughest part of this level and this should be your priority. If you focus on first removing the jellies at the top you will probably fail! Besides, when clearing the bottom rows the cascade effect willl also clear part of the top rows. In addition it wouldn’t be a sensible choice to spend specials (which can be done easily when the level starts) in order to remove the “easy” upper jellies. If this is your choice you will probably find yourself in a situation where you need to beat many frosted jellies with many not matching candies and zero moves.
  • Then eliminate the corners – Your second goal after removing the frosted jellies should be to remove the corners because these parts of the board will be a pain in the ass if you end up with these jellies! Clear them as soon as possible!
  • Take advantage of Specials – Level 29 is officialy the trickiest level of the Candy Crush Universe and the big combos (color bombs+specials, wrapped candies + specials etc) are more than ever necessary, while they will both clear a huge amount of candies and give you MANY points. While color bombs are pretty difficult task to succeed you should probably focus on the Special Candy + Wrapped Candy combo!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 29

Break the cream blocks and try to work the bottom first to take advantage of the cascading candies effect, but keep your eyes peeled for any special candy opportunities in the upper jelly rows.  Watch the corners and try to match them as soon as you can because they can be tough to get.  If you only have a few jellies left, try making a color bomb and matching it to whatever color candy occupies the most remaining jellies.

Candy Crush Level 29

Candy Crush Level 29

If these tips aren’t helpful enough you should visit our forum thread on Level 29 and ask your questions, provide feedback etc



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41 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 29”
  1. Silvia

    I love this site, sooooo helpfull!!!!!! Since 1 wekk I tried this level and I always failed. Today I just read only one time your tips concerning level 29 and – I made it! I´m now level 30. Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!


      You’re welcome Silvia :)

  2. Dominic Isidro

    Actually its not hard, after i managed to get out of 29, i tried playing it again and i succeed, i often clear level 29 multiple times, trying to beat my past high score. These tips are trully helpful, and i am one witness to it.

    • Team

      thanks for the positive feedback

  3. Adam

    Hi, I just want to ask if Level 29 is the hardest level in Candy Crush, I saw that there are about almost 400 levels. I hope the succeeding levels would not be this hard.

    • Team

      Its in the top 10 of the toughest levels, for sure.. but there are many other hard levels!

  4. Mike

    I’ve been playing this level for about 1 week now and I am starting to get over this game. A tip is only a tip, kinda like an opinion. Look at how many people play the game versus the comments. Level 29 I think is a way for for the game developers to get people to spend the .99 cents. I find this very discouraging and makes me open my eyes that not only am I stuck on 29 but there are loads more of levels and who’s to say they will be easier or harder?

    • Team

      Level 29 is tough but you can definitely beat it without spending even a cent! it’s up to you if you will continue or not!

  5. Kelly

    OMG I cried when I passed this level! The tip of using special candies is your best asset. Mostly when you combine the Sparkly one with either wrapped candy or striped candy. I’m not sure how it happened but man oh man I can finally sleep now

    • Team

      Congrats! keep goin :)

  6. danielle

    This game is a joke. I have been stuck on this level no matter what I do. Its all luck of the draw. They say you don’t have to purchase anything to beat it. But unless you dont you will be stuck on the same level for decades. And then whats the point of even playing! Sadly, I was dumb enough to pay twice and I still didnt even beat it. So even if you pay you arent guaranteed to win. Its a rip off of a game.

    • danielle

      Unless you do**

    • candy

      It’s not pure luck.. even if you are lucky, in case you don’t do the right movements you won’t be able to beat the level

      • danielle

        Yeh I dont think so. Ive tried everything. No matter what I do I cant beat it. All the tips and then some. Nothing.

  7. Sue

    Cannot get thro 29 read and followed tips and get to one or two jellies left each time. So frustrating.

    • candy

      keep trying until you do it.. many crushers found the specific tips pretty helpful!

  8. Austin Gale

    Tried following these tips step by step but I guess I will just have to hope for a better set up because I must have got super unlucky because it got to the point where I had no choices to move so it just gave me a completely new board of candies after about 35 moves and I hadn’t even cleared the ice yet. Worse than I had ever done before.

    • candy

      a good set up is always welcome! try following these tips when you have a better set up

  9. Heather Bates

    Been trying to beat Level 29 for ages. Tried to follow all tips, but seeing as thought the game starts different every time I’m finding it difficult. Getting frustrated!

    • candy

      no two games are similar.. but you can utilize a specific tactic in order to beat it.. take advantage of our tips!

  10. Cidneebear

    What do the lolly pops and the other things at the top left of the screen for?

  11. Julie

    OMG, I just read the tips once through and got of this horrible level that I have been stuck on for a few days. Thanks very much :)

    • candy

      you are not the first to report that you will undoubtedly not be the last!

  12. archana

    i am so pissed i m stuck on level 29
    video shownis different to the game played on app. plese help

    • candy

      why don’t you try playing it on PC?

  13. Adrienne

    Thank you for your tips. I was SO frustrated that I searched for a guide like this. I didn’t even watch the video, just read your tips. I passed on my very next try with 19 moves left. Thank you!!!

    • candy

      This is EXACTLY What we’re talking about.. i guess many of the desperate crushers don’t even read our guides :/ if you read it carefully it makes it so easy!

      • sheryl

        thanks for the tips and techniques.. It helps.. :) I’m now in Level 30…

  14. matt

    Been stuck on this one all week… I just got a stripe+candy bomb combo in the first 10 moves and still couldn’t clear. Aargh!!!

    • candy

      be patient and you will do it – we will soon update the tips section, in order for better support, while this is finally the toughest level on the Candy Crush Universe!

  15. Aubrey

    Is this level different or easier on the PC versus iOS? I play this game on my iPhone, but it is synced with my Facebook account if I want to play online. Thanks!!
    P.S. I’m going to try the color bomb/striped candy combination. Usually, I’m left with 4 or 5 at the end.

    • candy

      Most of the levels are a bit different (and easier) on PC. Please try it on your PC (via FB)

  16. Rebeecca

    These cheat’s were no help to me whatsoever I followed them very carefully and so far I have been stuck on this level for 3 month’s it is diving me mental I have no idea how to pass it and I keep running out of moves I have also spent up to a tenner on credits that have tried to help me pass this level but they are pretty pathetic I am going to give Candy Crush 5 or 10 more chance’s and if I don’t get passed it following your tips I am going to give Candy Crush a rest :) thnks!! Rebeecca X

    • candy

      Hello Rebeecca! Actually they are not cheats, they are just tips to beat it! You need to be patient and you will succeed it!

  17. Megan

    Sorry, but these tips did not help me. I have been stuck on this level for sooooooo long, and I continually have one or two jelly layers to break. I feel as though the game is trying to force me to purchase extra moves, so I might quit playing. It was fun while it lasted.

    • candy

      Sorry to read this! Actually we have many positive comments on the specific tips. In case we find more we will update you! A last suggestion: if you play this game on iOS you should connect your iOS with your FB account in order for your progress to be tracked down and then try this level on your PC via your facebook account!

  18. candy

    so you are preeeetty close! just follow our tips and you will be surprised how simple it is :)

  19. Jessie Lansdel

    I have been stuck on level 29 for weeks. I even get as far as just one jelly to get rid of….then I run out of lives. It’s sooooo frustrating. Grrrrrr!

  20. Kip

    Thanks so much!! The first time I used these tips I passed the level AND got the highest score of all my friends! I was stuck on level 29 for DAYS! I appreciate your tips!

    • candy

      We’re more than satisfied to know our tips are helpful! Thank you Kip!

  21. cheyenne

    Good tips here, thank you, you saved me!

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